Tips to Decorate Cape Cod Style House

In the late 17th century, Puritan colonists came to America and built the first-ever Cape Cod Style Homes. C­­ape Cod Homes is considered the crown jewel of American Architecture. When it comes to its building, they are very cost-effective. All the material used for the Cape Cod house Style is locally obtainable around New England.

Oak and pine wood are used for its flooring, frames of the post, and beam. Clapboard or natural cedar shake is used for building roofs. Bricks are used to build a fireplace. It helps in heating the house in winters with a suitable source of heat. Its steep-sloped roofs easily make the snowfall during winters. Cape Cod houses might look simple in formation but there are several ways to elevate their aesthetics. 

Cape Cod homes can never go out of trend. Their ageless charm and timeless character make it a cozier place to live. Here we have listed some tips for you to decorate your Cape Cod House. From color scheme, furniture, and lighting to exterior color palette, we have covered all the possible spheres of Cape Cod House decoration.

  • Use Neutral Color Scheme – Choosing the right color scheme can make or break your Cape Cod Style house interior design. Pick simple shades from neutral color palettes like white, brown, black, beige, grey, etc. Going light to the dark tone of the same shade can also be used to give a more nice and warm feeling to your home. 
  • Use Traditional Lighting – All the typical Cape Cod homes have traditional lantern-style lighting. Lantern-style lighting was used in colonial New England. It has a wide range of lighting such as wall lanterns, hanging lanterns, outdoor lamp posts, and table lanterns. Lighting creates a good mood, and ambiance and adds warmth to your house. Good lighting can highlight any corner of your home. 
  • Add Some Antique Furniture Pieces –  Antique furniture makes Cape Cod homes look more graceful. It will also add a hint of the colonial times of America to your living space. Traditional décor pieces like wooden accents, patterned rugs, curtains, and grandfather clocks. Add some components of softness. It will perfectly balance the classic and comfortable touch. 
  • Plan a Makeover of Backyard – Add some standout character to your Cape Cod backyard. Add some fresh, vibrant, and bloomy flowers. Cover the entire backyard with white-painted wooden fences. Add some furniture like a coffee table, chairs or something to sit and chill there in your free time. Have some tea sessions or little get-togethers on some special occasions. 
  • Get Creative with Exterior Color of House – Generally, Cape Cod homes have white paint on the walls and black paint on shutters. Break the basic color scheme and try some different colors. 
  • There are numerous ideas and ways through which Cape Cod houses can be decorated. It completely depends upon your taste, space, and creative ideas. Stick with the basic design of Cape Cod houses or decorate them with some additional features. It varies from individual to individual choices.